Khmer Song MV - Android Application

Khmer Song MV - screenshotKhmer Song MV - screenshot

Watch Khmer song, Khmer Music MV, Khmer Cartoon, Khmer Movie, and Movies directly from your phone.

* Easy to access.
* Easy to watch.
* Easy to download.
* Collection of Khmer Song MP3:
  - M CD
  - Bigman CD
  - Sunday CD
  - RHM CD
  - Pleng CD
  - Town CD.
* Khmer Music Video:
  - M VCD
  - Samut VCD
  - Sunday VCD
  - Pleng VCD
  - Town VCD.
* Include Video:
  - Khmer Movie
  - Khmer Comedy: Peak me, Neay koy
  - Cartoon: Chhing chang, Larva, Oscar, Baek kom
  - and more(Updating everyday).
* No Ads in Landscape Mode.

Note: Internet access is required.

Hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day. :)